The Digital World is Open to You...

The Digital World is Open to You...

The Digital World is Open to You...The Digital World is Open to You...The Digital World is Open to You...

We provide FREE comprehensive, personalized instruction to communities that have been Overlooked and Underserved.

About Us


Path of Prosperity Program

From smallpox to "The Trail of Tears" the first inhabitants of our lands have been subjugated and cast aside. The affect has been a legacy of poverty and the potential demise of an entire civilization.  The "Path of Prosperity" project will begin to change the inheritance of poverty to building economic stability. With the nature of Cyber Technology many can work from home or close to home.  This is critical to preserving the culture and building the community.  

The program:

  • Sixty days on site
  • Network+ certification
  • Security+ certification
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Money Management
  • Effective Interview Preparation
  • Internships with Fortune 1000 company
  • ***Job as an Analyst***
  • We will get you started in your life changing career!

Dedicated Experienced Educators

All of our educators are certified in Network Security with a multitude of real-world teaching experience. This is a key asset of our organization. We can get you trained. Then we can get you employed.

Mission Statement

OverUnder is uniquely focused on dramatically changing lives. The founder's understand that real change needs to be disruptive in order to stick.  The mission is to change legacies of poverty into legacies of economic strength. Moving people into the digital age as knowledge based contributors not just users of technology. 

The "Path of Prosperity" is the 2020 initiative.

This year we are focusing on shedding bright lights on a portion of our population that has been in the dark for more than 100  years. It's time that we all step up and help. It's the right thing to do. We need your help to affect change. 

Display their FAQs

Is the course totally free?                      Yes

Can you find me a job?                          Yes

Do I need technical knowledge?           No

Do you work with any reservation?      Yes

Do you have to live on a reservation?  Yes

Do I have to be over 16?                         Yes

Is there an age cut-off?                          No

Beginner Courses

Comptia Network Exam Training

The Comptia Network certificate open a new world for the aspiring security expert.

The Comptia Network certificate is the entrance to a new and exciting career. Our goal is to train and employ everyone who enters our program. 

Comptia Security+ Exam Prep


After completing Network-a, students will train for the Comptia Security+ exam.  During this student's will intern with a fortune 1000 company for "hands on" experience. 

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